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image to text converter software online

We at IMAGE TO TEXT CONVERSIONS services provide best premium service to lesser your work in typing the pages.

Best solution for typing we convert your work project through different software.
The services we provide are listed below

Just after conversion you have to do proof reading which is  not much difficult job than typing the whole image.
If you need to check our services just mail two sample files to us.         
We will convert and send you the converted files.

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How to convert image to adobe flash player?

How to convert image to adobe flash player using software?
We at Imagetotextconversions has software which can convert image to text and to adobe flash player. The process uses mainly four software’s to convert an image to adobe flash player. Stage 1 In the stage 1 the first software swift will decode the image format to text format and which can be used for adobe data center format.
Stage 2 The converted adobe data center format file will be processed to change to flash format.
Stage 3 The finally converted flash will be converted into the adobe flash player format and it give the final out as Image to adobe flash format.

for more details 
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