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.cmt to text converter online

How to convert .cmt files to text online?

.cmt files are the latest format for home based data entry works, normally the jpg pages can be opened by double click on the files but the  .cmt files can be opened using a software.

to view demo on you tube -

Extracting image from .cmt
We have developed a software which extracts images from .cmt files and make our job very easy.

We provide the software for
The  software ability
1 cmt to text converter
2 extract image for cmt files
3 100% accuracy from cmt
4 cmt converter
5 cmt to notepad
6 cmt to word
7 cmt to html

call @ 8678915208
for sample send to


  1. how can i get this software?

    98% Accuracy at lowest price, and speedy service

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