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How to Convert  Image to Text ? Now a day every one look for second income apart from their regular job . we all search online and offline about  home based data entry which is the mostly see an ad or in classifieds about the work details . i am also one of the person do that also i thought of doing data entry work as i have a laptop then i went to an agency where they provide data entry work. i need to pay initial amount for the agreement for the work. i am very happy and i started my first second job  with 250 image to convert into text and html tagging should be done ,i have only 15 days i have started the work by typing the 10 pages with in the first day .after 5 days i have completed the work and sent to work provider then i came to i have got the money and i am very happy . but the next month i got another slot but i am vexed with data entry so i started for finding solution for conversion of image to text . Process to convert image to text then i found a softwar


Image to text Conversion Are you doing home based date entry work .good income rather wasting time bur typing the image whole day is waste now you can convert your Image file to text files and easily with the help of dataentryhtmlconversion. If you want to check our service just send sample files we will convert them send you . Best service with customer satisfaction Delivery time forecasting Fast and accuracy Digital support- email ,live chat,Mobile support We accept more work .we want your time to safe and do more work and earn more . Have a nice day

image to text converter software online

We at IMAGE TO TEXT CONVERSIONS services provide best premium service to lesser your work in typing the pages. Best solution for typing we convert your work project through different software. The services we provide are listed below Html data entry conversions Tiff to text and word conversion Tif to text and word conversion Gif to text and word conversion Jpeg to text and word conversion Html tagging Just after conversion you have to do proof reading which is  not much difficult job than typing the whole image. If you need to check our services just mail two sample files to us.          We will convert and send you the converted files. Our mail id - Visit our blog -